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Messaging Framework Comparisons - NServiceBus

NServiceBus originally started as an open-source project, eventually moving to a licensed model as adoption grew and the need for more commercial support increased. Of the messaging frameworks in this document, NServiceBus is the most mature and fully-featured. [...]

Messaging Framework Comparisons - Intro

Messaging frameworks allow for the creation of loosely coupled, highly resilient, and highly scalable systems. The challenges faced by modern applications are complex, and our solutions are likewise sophisticated. Applying patterns help us to design modern applications while reducing complexity. Messaging is a reliable and proven pattern to address these needs. [...]

What is a Monolithic System?

As consultants, going into large corporate clients, we find that the in-house developed systems are almost exclusively monolithic systems backed by large databases (SQL, Oracle, DB2, take your pick) with the business functionality tightly coupled at all levels. This occurs organically over many years as small companies grow into large corporations. To meet their increase in demand, new systems are built and integrated quickly (read: hastily). [...]